Eating Out on the Isle of Benbecula


Macleans Hebridean Bakery


Uachdar, Isle of Benbecula, HS7 5LY Tel: 01870 602659



For over fifteen years the MacLean brothers have been baking the best breads, cakes and oatcakes in their bakery on the outskirts of Balivanich.

The small independent bakery prides itself on the quality of its products, both Alan and Ewen are still personally involved in the baking of all their oatcakes and biscuits.

Canape cases are rolled and baked on the island of Benbecula, part of the island chain that makes up the outer Hebrides off Scotland's north west coast. The islands are recognised as the most scenic in the United Kingdom, vivid turquoise seas fringed by white sandy beaches.

Made from the best Scottish oatmeal, the cases add a touch of luxury to any event, perfect for wedding guests, party people or those occasions that demand the best presentation for finger food. Light, crisp and crumbly our recipe ensures a long shelf life with a fresh baked taste every time.

Use your imagination to create the perfect combination for your savoury canapés, perfect for seafood, pâtés or cheese presentations.

We can also supply a large oatcake case designed for first course presentation or as part of a more complicated main dish.

All our oatcakes are sugar free and suitable for vegetarians.

The new cases are very versatile and are suitable for use with crème frâiche, creams, yoghurts and cranachan. These examples can be used with fruits, berries and nuts and can be assembled and stored for up to eight hours in sealed containers and then refrigerated.

Canapé cases are available in 160 gm packs which contain 24 cases, alternatively, catering packs contain 6 x 24 cases. Larger Oatmeal cases are available in packs of 7 and are packed 9 x 7 for caterers.

Macleans Hebridean Bakery also produce a range of round and triangular oatcakes, available in the following packs, triangle 150 gms, round 150 gms, round(organic) 150 gms

Shop open:
Mon to Fri 8am - 3pm
Sat 8am - 2pm
Produce also available by mail order & through local stockists.


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